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Rich meals with provencal perfume harvesting in the garden

 Some suggestions of mediterranee meals 

                                                                                    The aperitif

 "L'achard d'Olives". Specialities of green and black olives with sweet pepper,garlic finly chopped. Eat that specialities on toasts, on fresh bread or with salad

"L'Anchoïade" is the meeting between the green olives and anchovy. This specialities are served on toasts during the aperitif or with crud vegetables

"Le caviar d'Aubergines". Delicious meal for an aperitif. The aubergines are cooked with olive oil, garlicLa tapenade and basil. You can eat that meal with typical fish as well.

"La Tapenade noire" is served at table on toasts for aperitif or with a grilled meat

 bouillabaisse Marseillaise

                    Provencal meals and soups

"Les Artichauts à la Barigoule"

"La Bouillabaisse Marseillaise" is the great speciality of fish soup from Marseille

 "L'omelette aux Asperges sauvages". Cut the asparagus after picking it in the garden, during the spring. Cook little pieces of asparagus with olive-oil. Add asparagus in the omelette. Let this preparation stand 30' before cooking so that the flavor of asparagus diffuse. Add thyme a few minutes before La daubeserving to retain its properties.

 "La Daube provençale". Make a pickle with pieces of beef (or with pieces of lamb) in "marc de Provence" and red wine, then cook this meal with onions, garlic and bacon. If you want with that meal, enjoy a "rosé de Provence".

poulet à la provençale

"L'émincé de poulet à la provençale". Cook a sauce with the colors of Provence with tomatoes, garlic, red and green sweet peppers, thyme and basil. Add grilled mushrooms in the sauce. Then add olives after 40' of cooking. Suggestion of wine: A "rosé de Provence". For the experts of picking boletus, the season starts in November. But if you want to go in the wood next the port of "Poussaille"(about 16kms from the villa, near St Raphaël), you can pick boletus all the year

 "La pintade à la provençale"

 "Poissons à l'Aïoli". Eating "L'aïoli" with fish or vegetables is a friendly and typically meal in Provence. Crush and mashL'aïoli garni 20 garlic in a mortarboard, add, 2 eggs, salt and pepper. Then add olive-oil and prepare it like a mayonnaise. Add a lemon juice in that preparation. All the winter, you'll find lemon in the garden. Suggestion of wine: A "rosé de Provence"  

 "La PiLa ratatouille niçoisessaladière". Onions, black olives and anchovies are cooked with olive oil. Then put this preparation on a dough and drink it with a "rosé de Provence"

 "La Ratatouille niçoise". Tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines are cooked with onions, sweet peppers in olive oil. Add basil, sage, rosemary, leaf of laurel and thyme, at the last time. You can enjoy a "rosé de Provence" with that meal.Les calamars frits p eches sous la lune gibbeuse

"Les calamars"Go fishing by night during summer. Sail to the "pointe de la Calles", in front of the villa ("la baie du Boucharel"). And next for lunch, prepare squids grilled

 "La soupe de poissons de roche", the speciality with fishes of rocks. All of fishes are washed and cleaned. Then, the fishes are cooked with 2 tomatoes,1 carrot, potatoes and onion. Add sage, rosemary, leaf of laurel, "aneth". Basil and thyme are La soupe de poissonincorporated at the end of cooking (you'll find all of provençal weeds in the garden). Pieces of bread, rubbed with garlic are grilled and proposed on the table. If you want, you can eat this soup with rust and cheese.

 "La soupe de légumes au Pistou". This soup is a festival of provençal flavour with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, french and white beans

 "Les Ristes d'Aubergines". The aubergines and tomatoes are mixed with olive, cooked in olivRistes d'aubergines e oil with garlic and basil. The onions reduced with olive oil are incorporated too. 

 "Le soufflé de Rouget au Pastis". The fish is cooked with a bit of "Pastis". It's a very delicious meal with salad and crud vegetables 

  "Les tomates à la provençale". The onions are reduced with olive oil. The meat and onions are cooked with sage, rostomates provençalesemary, leaf of laurel and thyme. Incorpore this preparation in the bottom of tomatoes and put them in the oven. If you want, you can drink a "rosé de provence" 

       Le vin réputé de provence     The Cheeses.
          Enjoy rosé of provence with french cheese and a piece of fresh bread?
If you want, enjoy a red wine with all of these cheeses: goat cheese, "le brie", "l'époisse",
 "le livarot"....and a piece of fresh bread


    ?                                                        The gourmet breaks.

                                "Le Nougat de Montélimar", the speciality of Montélimar           "LeLes callissons d'Aix nougat aux figues"

 "Les Calissons d'Aix en Provence". All of sweets are prepared wih almonds, orange peel, melon and topped with royal ice. These sweets get a special form and they are the great speciality of Aix en provence

 "La confiture d'Arbouses". Pick arbouses in the garden or in the forest during November. Cook them with suggar. For the breakfast, it's a delicious jam very rich with vitamin C .

 "Les craquants aux Amandes". Grilled almonds are wrapped in a delicious crunchy biscula Tropezienneit

 "La tropézienne", the great speciality of "la côte d'azur". You can buy this delicious cake fulled with cream in St Aygulf pastry and enjoy, if you want, a "rosé de Provence" or a red wine of the country

 "La crème de Marrons de Collobrières". This cream is made in Collobrières. Collobrières is the capital of chestnut because the quality of the fruits is regulary controled.

   "Le MLes nonnettesassepain aux Amandes"

   "Les Nonettes au Miel fourrées à la marmelade d'Oranges". This gingerbread are fulled with orange marmalade. Ice is on top of the cakes.

   "Les Navettes provençales" are delicious orange cookies.

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